FreshEyes® Review

We conduct and record interviews with costumer stakeholders who can influence the relationship.

You get in unfiltered insight into what your customers really think but don’t tell you.

The Value of FreshEyes® Reviews.

✅ What Your Customer Won’t Tell You and Your Mangers Don’t Know.

✅ By the time you get insights from your own account team it is often filtered and repackaged.

✅ Tenacity Partners are expert client retention specialists who elicit the truth by not defending, denying or debating your customers’ perspective.


+35 years of doing business

0 +

+5000 customers interviewed


6 continents, worldwide

The Power of the Approach

► Tenacity provides verbatims of what your key stakeholders said.

► Tenacity is a neutral party. We are not looking to promote, defend or rationalize. We are focused on understanding your customers perspective on how well you are doing against their expectations.

► Costumers appreciate the time and effort taken to truly understand their perspective.

Easy to Deploy

Tenacity does all the work. You choose the customer and who we need to talk to, the rest is up to a Tenacity partner. A few weeks later, you receive the report that we review with you and your team to determine actions

Schedule time to speak with Tenacity Partners Patrick Weimer or Randy Salisbury in the Calendry invite.